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Aвтор: Terry Pratchett
Издателство: Книгомания
Година: 2007
ISBN: 9780552553704
Корица: мека
Страници: 400
Цена: 15.90 лв.  13.52 лв. (Отстъпка -15%)

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Tiffany Aching put one foot wrong, made just one little mistake. ..

And now the spirit of winter is in love with her.
He gives her roses and icebergs and showers her with
snowflakes, which is tough when you're thirteen,
but also just a little bit... cool.

If Tiffany doesn't work out how to deal with him, there will never be another springtime ...

Crackling with energy and humour, Wintersmtth
is the third tale in a sequence about Tiffany Aching
and the Wee Free Men - the Nac Mac Feegles
who are determined to help Tiffany, whether
she wants it or not.

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