Ancient Thrace

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Ancient Thrace
Aвтор: Ivan Marazov
Година: 2005
ISBN: 9545165375
Корица: твърда
Цена: 85.00 лв.  72.25 лв. (Отстъпка -15%)

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"These same Thracians threw arrows upward at the sky, against thunder and lightning, believing that there is no other god except theirs "
"... inherited his kingdom as a small piece of land, but owing to his bravery and intelligence, he increased his power many times, because he ruled over his subjects justly, being a brave and experienced military leader in battle, and moreover he took great care to increase his revenues."
Diodorus about the Odrysian king Sitalkes
"Throwing open the lids of treasure boxes [Priam] picked out... finally one splendid cup, a gift Thracians had made him on an embassy. He would not keep this, either - as he cared for nothing but for ransoming his son... "
Homer, The Iliad
"Women here are not timid: they have an excessive wish to be killed over the bodies of their deceased husbands and to be buried together with them; and as one man possesses many wives, they compete most fervently for that honour before those who had to judge to whom that honour is to be given. That honour was given for good conduct, and enormous was the joy of those who came out victorious in that contest; the remaining wives expressed their grief loudly and buried the dead man with the bitterest laments...
Pomponius Mela

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