Folk tales Fables from Bulgaria

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Folk tales   Fables from Bulgaria
Издателство: Летера
Година: 2016
ISBN: 9786197204056
Корица: мека
Страници: 143
Цена: 15.00 лв.  12.00 лв. (Отстъпка -20%)

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This book will take you on a journey into the wonderful world of Bulgarian folklore, inhabited by brave men fighting dragons and monsters, charming and witty maidens finding their prince, magical life-giving water saving heroes, forest nymphs being tamed by unconditional love and wise old men giving sage advice to the young and inexperienced.
These folk tales and fables tell stories of high virtue beings rewarded, of hardworking and good-hearted people winning over evil forces in life. They open the door to ancient times and shared belief that is stil firmly rooted in Bulgarian culture to this day.
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